Maidesite - Leading Expert of Rehabilitation Products

Established at Miao Zhen High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Jing county, Hengshui, Hebei province, our new factory is close to the highway exit. Also, our factory is near Beijing capital airport and Tianjing Xin port, which help to transport goods as quickly as possible. The professional logistics department cooperates closely with all major logistics branches across the country. Our cargo delivery vehicles ensure that the products you purchase can be delivered to designated locations on time and safely, greatly reducing transportation cost and transportation risk rate.

Logistic Assurance

Maidesite has acquired ISO, CE, FDA certification. Our QC department inspect each production and processing steps, from accessories manufacturing, welding, rust removal, painting, assembly, screw and bolt outfit to finished products storage. Whether it is retail or wholesale, we guarantee that deliver goods is consist with commitment goods. Our company-Ruilangde, is a national high-tech enterprise recognized by the ministry of science and technology. Our company is the model enterprise of rehabilitation assistant devices application, also the member of the Association of Medical Equipment of Hebei province. And the member of China Rehabilitation Auxiliary Equipment Association. 

Moreover, the first project of ruilangde covers an area of  55,800 sqm, equipping with more than 200 sets top level facilities, including: CNC machining center, intelligent welding robot, automatic (nano-ceramic) spraying production line,etc., Our annual production capacity is more than one million sets. The surface rust elimination of the steel is operated by an advanced large-scale high-pressure sandblasting descaling production line. The rust removal process uses high-quality corundum, two times rust removal, each product does not leave any dead angle in the rust removal process, the surface is smooth and clean, ensuring that the spray surface will not peel off during 10 years, and avoid hazard caused by sulfuric acid removal. 

This descaling equipment meets the national environmental protection requirements and will not have any detrimental impact on the environment. Our company is equipped with the best painting line in the industry. Independent spray chamber avoid color mixing. The double-sided spray ensures uniform spray surface. The high standard temperature control system provides precise temperature control for the baking equipment in the spray molding process, avoiding fluidization, unevenness, roughness and yellowing caused by temperature instability. The floor of the finished warehouse is carpeted, which effectively protects the sprayed surface from scratches during storage and packaging.

Quality Assurance

Best Services & Management

We provide OEM, ODM and after-sale service. We have established an all-round team. Each business steps are under strictly controlled. After an effective enquiry, the related information between customers and sales would be recorded in our CRM system. If the order is big, customers would be asked to pay at least 30% deposit. Small order need a full payment. Our production manager will assess the cost of this order and make a considerable manufacturing plan. Then prepare the materials and organize production. After that, collect the finished products into warehouse, arrange logistic staff deliver goods. If there are any problems, our sales will try their best to solve your problems.

Diversified Products

We have our own R&D team to develop new products and design for our customers. Our art designer will support you with products banner or post if you become our agent and distributor. Our main products including: care bed, hospital bed, manual wheelchair, electric wheelchair, nebulizer, oxygen oncentrator, respiratory consumables, anti-decubitus air mattresses, shower chair, commode chair, crutches and walking aids,etc.​