Wheelchair Pre-treatment Process & Material Preparation Workshop

From material preparation, tubulation, detail process to welding, all the procedures were processed by advanced manufacturing equipment in this industry.

It increases the labour efficiency when improving the    fineness, quality and sturdiness of products.

Accessory Injection Molding Workshop

Well appointed injection molding and blow molding.

Most of the plastic accessories are independent production, which reduce the cost and ensure the quality stability.

Full-automatic Shot Blasting Processing Line

Wheelchair Assembly Line and Inspection 

Daily output is up to 1000 wheelchairs, strict product inspection to ensure the quality.

Processing ways:

Stoving varnish,Electroplating,Powder coating

Introduce Full-automatic Surface Processing Equipment

Nine pre-treatment processes, smooth surface treatment, to ensure products used in a variety of environments which are still rust-free.

Pre-treatment processes

Strict Inspection Earn the High Quality Reputation

Eight variable frequency abrator heads, 360 degree rust removal without dead angle to ensure the completeness of the accessories ultimately.

Quality Assurance

Nursing Bed Assembly Workshop

Daily output is up to 800 nursing beds.


Full -automatic spray room​​​​​​​



Power room


 Full-automatic powder coating ​equipment

High Precision Welding Robot

Smooth, Solid & High Quality

  • The welding surface or joint is smooth and flat
  • High sturdiness
  • Reduce splash around the welding portion
  • Save energy and simplify welding process