6117 - bTKQ-803 Safe Folding Electric wheelchair

Model:6117 - bTKQ-803
Folded Width:400mm
Seat (W*D*H):490mm*410mm*490mm
Front Wheels:8'' solid wheels
Back Wheels:16'' inflatable wheels
Technical Specification
Battery:12V 12A *2 pcs(Lead-acid battery / Lithium battery)
Motor & Speed:24V 250W *2pcs & 0-6km/h 5gears
Load Capacity & Endurance:100KG & 20km
Charging Time:8-12hours
Weight: Battery weight 8kg, Total weight 44kg

Key Features:

This model is a classic wheelchair features brevity and utility. With the requisite wheelchair function and affordable price, also the perfect performance comparing to its pioneer, it is recommended to purchase it in bulk.

l Steel axle and frame, improve the stiffness and rigidity of the chair
l PU foaming armrest, ABS side guard, put your arm in a comfortable position
l Dual crossing bar chassis design, strengthen the bearing capacity to withstand heavy weight
l Stiffer bearings in rear wheels, universal front castors, you can operate your chair conveniently and toward any direction    
l ABS fasteners and buckles throughout
l Swing in/out armrest, get in and off the chair from the side easily, you will not fall into the seat suddenly and give a hit to the seat
l Footrest detachable, foldable chair body, easy to carry and saving place
l Safety belt to protect the safety of user, avoid falling down when downside
l Double sides hand brakes & electronic brakes, manual braking or automatic braking, anti slide or anti-tip, double safety