Each order means a person got cared!



Zhihao Liu

Chairman of the board

2008 Hebei Lintong Steel Construction Company , General Manager.

2014 Founder of brand Maidesite.


Yunzhi Duo

General Manager of Group Corp.

2018.2- joined Maidesite.

2006-2017 Huicong Network Hebei branch Company, successively Sales Manager, Sales Director, Vice General Manager, General Manager.

2005-2006 Thomas Greater China, Hebei regional manager.

2003-2005 Hebei Maide Network Science & Technology Company, successively Marketing Manager, branch company manager, Sales Director.


Zhikuo Liu

Vice General Manager of Group Corp

EMBA Pharmaceutical course Beijing University

2009 started up business, run e-commerce service & network marketing training, specializing in network marketing and team management

2014 shifted to medical equipment line, is responsible for marketing operation and team management


Hongwei Cui


2015- joined Maidesite, CFO.

Before 2015- Rizhao Steel Holdings Corp, audit position, is good at corporation assets protection and tax compliance.


Hui Wang

JD Project Director

2018- joined Maidesite

2015-2017 studied in Spain and came back, served in JD shopping mall as business operation manager of medicines & health department, responsible for development plan and categories business operation of rehabilitation and elderly products line.


Xiantao Gao

IE Director

2018.9- IE Director.

2014.4-2018.9 Dream Lily Furniture Science & Technology Stocks Co., Ltd. IE manager.

2011.11-2014.4 Foxcon Science & Technology Group, Nanning HWD project department product engineering, Section Chief.

2006.7-2011.10 Foxcon Science & Technology Group, Motorola products ME (manufacturing engineer).

Who are we

Our company specializes in the research and development, production and sales of medical equipment and Rehabilitation Auxiliary Products. It is a National High-tech Enterprise recognized by the ministry of science and technology.

Demonstration company for Rehabilitation Auxiliary Products application,which is recognized by the provincial central Government of Hebei. And our company also be the member of The association of Medical Equipment in Hebei province. And the member of The china rehabilitation Auxiliary equipment association. Our main products including :Home nursing beds, Hospital beds,Manuel wheelchair, Electric wheelchair, Nebulizer, Oxygen Concentrator,Respiratory consumables,Anti-decubitus Air mattresses,etc.,

Since our company establish, we just keep our company business principle :Base on good quality to get our company survival, promotion our company level by our innovation! Now our company already get the certifications as follow: ISO9001,ISO13485,CE ,etc., Our company products & services get the public partners confirmations. improving our products quality, we also have continuously increased investment in technology research and development, improved our ability of independent innovation, established industry-university-research cooperation with relevant universities and research and development institutions, and applied for more than 100 patents, preparing a solid foundation for the rapid development of enterprises.

Our strengths

Appearance design

Product quality

Satisfactory after-sales service

Production performance

Customer praise

Our Advantages

  • First-class injection line

    It has the first-class plastic-spraying line in the industry. The line is 10 meters high, 13 meters wide and 68 meters long. Many independent spraying chambers avoid the color error caused by color mixing. Double-sided plastic-spraying ensures that the plastic-spraying surface is uniform and without leakage. 192-degree high-standard temperature control system provides precise temperature control for the baking equipment in the process of plastic-spraying and avoids fluidization, uneven and rough caused by temperature instability. The phenomenon of yellowing, carpet laying on the floor of finished warehouse effectively protects the plastic-sprayed surface from scratches during storage and packaging.

  • Large-scale high-pressure sand blasting rust removal pipeline

    MAIDESITE product surface rust removal uses advanced large-scale high-pressure sand blasting rust removal pipeline, equipment 9 meters wide and 5 meters long 23 meters, rust removal process using high-quality diamond sand, twice repeated rust removal, each product in the rust removal link to leave no dead corners, smooth and clean surface, ensure that the spray surface 10 years will not peel off, but also avoid the safety of sulfuric acid rust removal to product use. Hidden danger, and this rust removal equipment meets the national environmental protection requirements, without any impact on the environment.

  • Selection of high quality materials

    MAIDESITE Bed minimum use of 1.0 mm thick high-quality annealed steel pipe, bed side all use 40 to 8 square tubes, bed legs use 5 to 5 square tubes, a number of connectors use 3 mm thick steel plate, bed surface and bed links with angle protection, that is, Meiguang and prevent clothing from being scratched, using high-quality nylon lead screw, ultra-long travel starting back can reach 80 degrees, three times longer than the life of ordinary lead screw, in the use process. There was no noise.

  • Exquisite manufacturing technology

    The strip bed surface is made of original 10 to process fine pressing. The surface of the strip bed is shaped like square tubular bars, which greatly improves the surface bearing capacity. Ultra-wideband steel surface achieves the overall aesthetic and generous effect while ensuring sufficient bearing capacity.

  • Professional Quality Inspection Department

    The multi-person quality inspection department strictly checks every product that comes out of the factory. Details are taken as quality inspection items from parts processing, production welding, rust removing and spraying, product warehousing, product assembly and screw equipment, so as to ensure that no matter it is single retail or mass purchasing by large customers, the products delivered are the same as the promised products.

  • Professional after-sales service

    The company's professional after-sales team uses data customer relationship management, regular customer visits, with the "no problems left behind" after-sales principle, successfully serving more than 3,000 customers, customer repeat purchasing rate reached 56%, the highest in the industry.